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CINEVISION – PRODUCTION SERVICE COMPANY is an independent German video production company that develops and produces all types of programs for television and other medias.

Their founders are young entrepreneurs, part of a new generation of producers.  They are talented and ambitious, and working with passion and rigor to create quality projects.   They currently develop youth program, but their bigger goals are to cater to the largest possible audience.  Future projects include: scripted and reality TV, and above all with a positive energy in their productions!

Their professional teams persistently work dynamically and creatively, determined to create new trends and find the best talents or personalities who will be successful in tomorrow’s television.  Because new is integral to their modernization strategy.

And if television is the ideal media for hands on, real world experience, they are aware of film which they hope to incorporate along the way.

Also, this new company differentiates itself with original, innovate and modern concepts through numerous perspectives on evolving entertainment through the Internet, television and film.

In addition, the company anticipates proposing new international programs and becoming new leaders in that sector.

CINEVISION PRODUCTION is a young company in step with current events, culture and styles conceiving and producing their new programs as well as content using the latest audio-video technologies.